Onarheim Dip



  • 5 pkgs cream cheese - room temperature
  • grated onion - about 1-2TBL spoons - make sure you have the juice - I grate right over the bowl and guess. Less if it is a strong onion
  • granulated garlic powder - Has to be granulated- not powder - probably about 1 tsp - don't over power
  • milk - 1/4 cup about - add as much for the consistency you want. Kitchenaid mixer will make it fluffy if whipped.


Step 1

mix all together- You have to add and test to get it right 5 pkgs is the usual amount for an event and some leftovers. This makes a lot - but that usually isn't a problem for us. You can start with 2-3 pkgs and less of everything that way you can add more cream cheese to balance out the flavor. Serve with pretzels, chips or whatever! Can also chop green olives and add to the dip.

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