Starting the Food Blogging – Thanks Jane!

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Well at the gentle nudging (almost a push) from Jane Marko – I am adding my cooking adventures to this site to share.

Jane has the heaviest hand to push – she and her husband Bob have embarked on a somewhat nomad life and are now International House Sitters as they explore the world. It took a lot to turn her world upside down -but it is working. They ended up selling their Wisconsin home and most of their belongings and have gone from country to country for almost 3 years now! A life rich in creating connections and discoveries that all fits into one suitcase. The great part is she is sharing it with the rest of us who might not take the leap but dream of it. It is like having the best of all things – living thru each others experiences. Thank you Jane Marko! All the best wishes to you and so happy to call you friend.

Check out Jane’s Travel Blog and if you need a house sitter – pets and gardens to tend a plus! (Face Book Page)

Here is the place of August 2017

So with her prompt and encouragement I am going to post occasionally here on our Family Eats site my new adventures in cooking and food. I am not sure what direction it will go. Today I am discovering WildTree thru Tiffany Vorpagel and how to use an Instant Pot. (Watch for the old dog learns new tricks post).

Healthy eating will be a focus – but the favorites of family and comfort foods will most certainly show up as well.

While this was set up as a way for family to curate and share the favorites and traditions – we are certainly okay with others picking up a new dish or two and letting us know how it went or how you improved it. Check out the “Chef’s” Recipes are added as we get to them. We are not trying to replicate when we can find things easily elsewhere, but chronicle what it is that hits the mark in our family at the moment.

I think others can add recipes too – Give it a try if you want to share your own family favorite – I’d love to try them!

It may take a little while for me to create the right flow with this site. Changing the direction of what I am doing with it changes behind the scenes configurations etc. I usually don’t like putting things out there in an wonky format – but time is short and just plowing ahead. It should get better sooner than later. So if you stopped by – THANKS!

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